Now diabetes or hypertension are not even a disease.

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The causes of diabetes.

The cause of diabetes is from eating habit not from genetic effects nor intaking excessive sugar.

It is exactly caused by too much animal fat that accumulates in pancreas and blocks Langerhan's Cell B and disrupts insulin from coming out.
Also animal fat barricades the insulin's fountainhead. How much it blocks effects on different symtoms.

The causes of hypertension.

It is also caused by regular eating habit.
The hypertesion is a blood disease.
The patients' blood is muddier than normal people.

It is because of the high animal fat content

They have higher cholesterol(animal fat) content and that causes thier blood to be thicker. And that is the reason of the outbreak of the hypertension.
The blood has to be clear so that circulation doesn't get disrupted. The smallest blood vessel is capillary. It is 8 micron(8mm divided by 1000000). It is almost impossible to see it by naked eyes. Only one erythrocyte can go through this vessel.

Maintaining nomal blood pressure depends on the circulation of blood in this vessel. If blood gets thicker and cholesterol sticks on its wall causing the vessel's way smaller. Finally the blood won't go through our body well.

Our heart pumps about 40drums of blood in a day to circulate blood to whole body. And thinner vessels get to much pressure and become highly pressured condition. If the vessel in the brain gets blocked it causes paralysis. If it effects on heart, it becomes heart attack. And so on.

Why the blood gets thicker?

It is clear that eating too much cholesterol thickens the blood and causes hypertension.

Annoucements of disease caused by overeating animal fat.

* The reason of sudden death - SBS NEWS Broadcasted.
* Sudden increase in wonmen's heart problem. - KBS NEWS(2001-08-27)
* Childrens' loss of hair. - KBS NEWS(2000-11-29)
* The cause of cancer in large intestine. - KBS NEWS(2001-08-27)
* The cause of gallstones. - SBS NEWS(2001-06-15)
※And also diseases caused by cholesterol, paralysis, heart attack, myocardial infarction, and blood vessel sicknesses are threanting our lives continually.

ways for diabetes and hypertension.

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We have to dig the B cell in islet of Langerhans.
How to do it?
We have to desolve gresiness(Cholesterol) and excrete it.
The thing that can wash the oilness is soap.
We can clean the oilness outside our body by detergent but not in inside. We have to use vegetable substatnce from nature and insulin headspring will be open.
The detergent is called saponin. In Greek it is called "Sapona.", soap.
This saponin is in many vegetables.
And Korean red ginseng is the treasure house of saponin.
Saponin also heals hypertension by dissolving cholesterol making the blood circulation to be fluent.

Eating habit and eating red ginseng.

The greatest cause of diabetes and hypertension is in eating habit.
A good eating habit can prevent diabetes and hypertension for sure and other diseases that threatens us.

Saponin, which can heal diabetes and hypertension, is not in animals but in vegetables. So eating many vegetables can prevent and heal those diseases.

Eating habit and eating red ginseng.

1. Eat suitable amount regularly.
2. If you feel hungry eat many vegetables and fruits to feel full.
3. If you are eating red ginseng please do not eat meats.

※ How body changes when you are healed.

The blood sugar level dropped incredibly.
The body always feeled heavy and tired became light.
When you have the confidence to quit the mediccine.
If you eat red ginseng the blood pressure level goes down. So if it gets satified level do not eat meddicines. Because the level can go down too far.
Do not quit just right after your diabetes or hypertension goes away. You should eat about 2 months more small amount of it.
If the disease is cured the reduce about 1/2~ 1/3 of the meat you used to eat. And your healthy life is promised.

To eat red ginseng.

In the morning eat 3-4g(two-third of tea spoon), and in every 3 hour eat 3-4g.
You are eating 100mg in every 1g of red ginseng.
example) 3-4g at a time, in every 3 hours, 5 times in a day, 2~3 months you are free from the diseases.
Besides sleeping time, the time you are awake, 15 hours, every 3 hours you should eat it.

Do not Eat : Animal Food(meat, fish)
Not even meat and fish but also soups that contains it, eggs, milk, sosage, mayanaise, and every processed foods that contains fish or meat.
Do eat : Every vegetables.
Rice, red pepper, kimchi, cucumber, orange, carrot, sweet potato, and etc
How about insulin?
1. If it is more than 200 you have also have to use insulin in order to prevent cataract and other diseases.
* If the result doensn't show after eating
You must avoid antibiotic, cold remedy, anodyne, diuretic, steroid.
If fountainhead of insulin doesn't open well.
※ When eating red ginseng your body might get red and suffer from diarrhea.
This is not an adverse reaction. Just stop for 3 days and eat again. And those symptoms will be gone.
It is because it takes time for red ginseng to get used to our body. It is called in professional term, immune reaction.

Thank you. And please be healthy.

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