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Diabetes! Cure it this way.

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    However, now many people even think it deserves Nobel Prize.

    World Heath Organization(WHO) and International Diabetes Federation(IDF) predict that in twenty-five years number of people who suffer from diabetes will double and become 300 million.

    The causes of rapid increase in number of patients of diabetes are change in life style, increase in average length of life, obesity, lack of excercise, and wrong diet. Developing countries are in worse situation than developed ones.

    Also number of people who die of arrhythmia are more than forty thousand each year. Now apoplexy has become a disease that anyone can get not just for old ones. It is really serious situation and makes us gloomy.

    In korea, there are more than millions of patients of diabetes and hypertension. Now government classified it as one of the five major diseases.

    Even though these diseases are spreading quickly, modern medical technology cannot find a suitable cure and classify them as incurable diseases.

    So nationally and internationally many researches are in progress that tries to solve this problem by nature cure, folk remedy, or excercise treatment.

    Therefore we have been putting so much effort to make homes healthy. We now came up with Dr. Lee's video, "Diabetes! Cure it this way. Pefectly cured cases (1st, 2nd copy)." It can give you new hopes. Also for healthy families it can direct revolutionary and extraordinary ways to prevent those illnesses.

    [Authorization number] : 9909-V.173.174
    [declaration of selling] : 09189
    [Price] : 120

    In May 15th, 1999, on Hankuk Ilbo's article "Now there is a way to cure Korean's diabetes," Dr. Yun, Ji-Won annouced the same content that Dr Lee, Bu-Kyung annouced 10 years ago. "Science," a magazine of worldwide authority also mentioned this fact.

    The way to heal the diabetes that we present has been already broadcasted by MBC and KBS and published by Seoul, Chosun, Joongang, and Hankuk Ilbo. So has been proved that many patients of diabets has been cured.

    The production of this video started at June, 1998. Shooting and editing was finished at November. But because of deliberation it was revised 3 times. In last, in September 3rd, 1999, we received the final authorization.

    Approved by every related department, first time in the world, we now proudly presents the diabetes cure video.

    We hope that this video would get into the patients' hand who suffer from diabetes.

    Authorization number : 9909-V.173.174.

    There are many nature cure for diabetes or health.
    But the nobody is sure about the effect and there is no way to compensate.

    We produced this video with confidence and achieved every authorizations from related department. It presents only one way in the country to cure diabetes. Also it contains the way to prevent the adult diseases.

    Get one now and make your family healthy and never fear geriatric diseases.

    We wish you that your family be always happy and healthy again.

    (Agape Healing Mission)

Video contains...
    Until now modern science set many theories about diabetes. But this video sees that there is only one cause. It approach diabetes in different way and shows new and correct way.

    • diabetes
    • hypertension
    • loss in vigor
    • behcet's disease(sores in mouth)
    • vinyl house disease(dizziness,headache)
    • dyspepsia
    • neuralgia,arthritis,ruptured disk
    • enlargement of the prostate gland
    • constipation

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    [Recommended price] 46,000 Won

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